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2019Above and belowground community strategies respond to different global change driversAdair, Karen L.; Lindgreen, Stinus; Poole, Anthony M.; Young, Laura M.; Bernard-Verdier, Maud; Wardle, David A.; Tylianakis, Jason M.
2019Biotic and abiotic plant–soil feedback depends on nitrogen‐acquisition strategy and shifts during long‐term ecosystem developmentLambers, Hans; Kardol, Paul; Turner, Benjamin L.; Wardle, David A.; Laliberté, Etienne; Png, Kenny Guochen
2017Consistent effects of biodiversity loss on multifunctionality across contrasting ecosystemsFanin, Nicolas; Gundale, Michael J.; Farrell, Mark; Ciobanu, Marcel; Baldock, Jeff A.; Nilsson, Marie-Charlotte; Kardol, Paul; Wardle, David A.
2019The ratio of Gram-positive to Gram-negative bacterial PLFA markers as an indicator of carbon availability in organic soilsGundale, Michael J.; Wardle, David A.; Fanin, Nicolas; Kardol, Paul; Farrell, Mark; Nilsson, Marie-Charlotte
2019Relationships between fungal community composition in decomposing leaf litter and home‐field advantage effectsVeen, G. F. Ciska; van der Putten, Wim H.; Snoek, Basten L.; Bakx‐Schotman, Tanja; Wardle, David A.
2017The role of bryophytes for tree seedling responses to winter climate change : implications for the stress gradient hypothesisLett, Signe; Wardle, David A.; Nilsson, Marie-Charlotte; Teuber, Laurenz M.; Dorrepaal, Ellen
2018A tale of two theories, a chronosequence and a bioindicator of soil qualityWardle, David A.; Ghani, Anwar