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2017Nanoscale phase engineering of niobium diselenideBischoff, Felix; Auwärter, Willi; Barth, Johannes V.; Schiffrin, Agustin; Fuhrer, Michael; Weber, Bent
2017Observation of effective pseudospin scattering in ZrSiSMd. Mofazzel Hosen; Singh, Bahadur; Hellerstedt, Jack; Edmonds, Mark T.; Kaczorowski, Dariusz; Neupane, Madhab; Lin, Hsin; Fuhrer, Michael S.; Weber, Bent; Ishigami, Masahiro; Lodge, Michael S.; Chang, Guoqing; Huang, Cheng-Yi
2018Spin–orbit coupling in silicon for electrons bound to donorsWeber, Bent; Hsueh, Yu-Ling; Watson, Thomas F.; Li, Ruoyu; Hamilton, Alexander R.; Hollenberg, Lloyd C. L.; Rajib Rahman; Simmons, Michelle Y.