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2014Direct Metal Tool Fabrication of AISI 420 Tool Steel by Selective Laser MeltingZhao, Xiao; Wei, Qingsong; Liu, Jie; Shi, Yusheng; Li, Zhongwei
2019Improvement on mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of titanium-tantalum alloys in-situ fabricated via selective laser meltingZhao, Danlei; Han, Changjun; Li, Yan; Li, Jingjing; Zhou, Kun; Wei, Qingsong; Liu, Jie; Shi, Yusheng
2014Large-Scale Equipment and Higher Performance Materials for Laser Additive ManufacturingShi, Yusheng; Yan, Chunze; Wei, Qingsong; Zhang, Lichao; Wen, Shifeng; Zhao, Xiao
2019Selective laser melting of reduced graphene oxide/S136 metal matrix composites with tailored microstructures and mechanical propertiesWen, Shifeng; Chen, Keyu; Li, Wei; Zhou, Yan; Wei, Qingsong; Shi, Yusheng