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2021Collaborative robotics and its paradigms for industrial manipulatorsWeng, Ching-Yen
 2018Historical data is useful for navigation planning : data driven route generation for autonomous shipTan, Wei Chian; Weng, Ching-Yen; Zhou, Yu; Chua, Kie Hian; Chen, I-Ming
2019Quantitative assessment at task-level for performance of robotic configurations and task plansWeng, Ching-Yen; Tan, Wei Chian; Yuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming
 2021Real-time avoidance strategy of dynamic obstacles via half model-free detection and tracking with 2D lidar for mobile robotsDong, Huixu; Weng, Ching-Yen; Guo, Chuangqiang; Yu, Haoyong; Chen, I-Ming