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2018Pathways to mesoporous resin/carbon thin films with alternating gyroid morphologyZhang, Qi; Matsuoka, Fumiaki; Suh, Hyo Seon; Beaucage, Peter A.; Xiong, Shisheng; Smilgies, Detlef-M.; Tan, Kwan Wee; Werner, Jörg G.; Nealey, Paul F.; Wiesner, Ulrich B.
2018Synthesis and formation mechanism of all-organic block copolymer-directed templating of laser-induced crystalline silicon nanostructuresTan, Kwan Wee ; Werner, Jörg G.; Goodman, Matthew D.; Kim, Ha Seong; Jung, Byungki; Sai, Hiroaki; Braun, Paul V.; Thompson, Michael O.; Wiesner, Ulrich