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 2019Equilibrium and dynamic absorption of electrolyte species in cation/anion exchange membranes of vanadium redox flow batteriesNguyen, Tam Duy; Whitehead, Adam; Wai, Nyunt; Ong, Samuel Jun Hoong; Scherer, Günther G.; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2018Insights into the synergistic effect of ammonium and phosphate-containing additives for a thermally stable vanadium redox flow battery electrolyteNguyen, Tam Duy; Wang, Paul Luyuan; Whitehead, Adam; Wai, Nyunt; Scherer, Günther G.; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2019Vanadium redox flow battery with slotted porous electrodes and automatic rebalancing demonstrated on a 1 kW system levelBhattarai, Arjun; Wai, Nyunt; Schweiss, Rüdiger; Whitehead, Adam; Scherer, Günther G.; Ghimire, Purna Chandra; Lim, Tuti Mariana; Hng, Huey Hoon