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2018Analysis of contact conditions based on process parameters in robotic abrasive belt grinding using dynamic pressure sensorPandiyan, Vigneashwara; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Praveen, Gunasekaran; Wijaya, Tomi; K Pappachan, Bobby
2018An AWS machine learning-based indirect monitoring method for deburring in aerospace industries towards industry 4.0Wijaya, Tomi; Lee, Daryl; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Then, David; Manyar, Omey M.; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Pappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy
2017Frequency Domain Analysis of Sensor Data for Event Classification in Real-Time Robot Assisted DeburringPappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Wijaya, Tomi
2018Modal analysis of replica boss hole during the deburring process in aerospace manufacturing industryAndriani, Claudy; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Wijaya, Tomi; Pappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy
2014Real time ship exhaust gas monitoring for compliance to SOx and NOx regulation and CO2 footprintWijaya, Tomi; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Thepsithar, Prapisala
2018A review on sensors for real-time monitoring and control systems on machining and surface finishing processesWijaya, Tomi; Caesarendra, Wahyu; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Pappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy; Wee, Arthur; Roslan, Muhammad Izzat