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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Automatic on-line signature verificationMa, Mingming
2007Autonomous vehicle navigation in neighbourhood environments : a map assisted and a feature-based approachLee, Kwang Wee
1999A cost effective system design and development for remote monitoring of facilities in flatted factoriesManickam Selvakumaran.
2004Design and development of smart home productsWang, Hong Wang
2001Development of a high performance outdoor autonomous navigation systemTeoh, Eam Khwang; Wang, Dan Wei; Wang, Han; Wijesoma, Wijerupage Sardha; Balasuriya, Arjuna Prabhath
1999Development of a risc processor based remote terminal unit (RTU)Ng, Kwee Chye.
2006Dynamic control of APD optical detector for SONET receiver applicationFernandes, Brain Sunil Nicholas
2002Fast LED beacon tracking systemSaw, Wunna.
2005Feature based navigation and localization of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)Balasuriya, Arjuna Prabhath; Wijesoma, Wijerupage Sardha
2000Intelligent control of a mobile robotKodagoda Ranadheera Sarath Kodagoda.
2004Mobile robot path planning and obstacles avoidance modelling and simulationMaung Aung Moe Khine.
2006Modeling, simulation and analysis of a computer controlled car-like vehicleSaurabh Aggarwal.
1999Monitoring and control of processes using a network of PLCSRajarama Rao Chandukudlu
2004Multi-sensor integration and fusion in mobile robot navigationKodagoda Ranadheera Sarath Kodagoda.
2004Object-oriented software architecture for NTU_UAVBalasuriya, Vanoji
2002On-line automatic signature verification : a computational intelligence approachYue, Andrew Kwok Wai.
2004Robust high bandwidth communications framework for real-time control & navigation of robotic systemsWang, Zhe.
2005SIFT features for range estimation in mobile roboticsPandi Susilrani
2000u-SCADA system (micro-supervisory control and data acquisition system)Sanal Kumar Pannen.
2002Ultrasonic sensing for autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) navigationLo, Vui Lip.