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 2023Electrospun aligned PCLl/gelatin scaffolds mimicking the skin ECM for effective antimicrobial wound dressingsGhomi, Erfan Rezvani; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Chellappan, Vijila; Verma, Navin Kumar; Chinnappan, Amutha; Neisiany, Rasoul Esmaeely; Amuthavalli, Kottaiswamy; Poh, Zhi Sheng; Wong, Brandon Han Siang; Dubey, Nileshkumar; Narayan, Roger; Ramakrishna, Seeram
2020Functional impact of high extracellular potassium ion on human T-cellsWong, Brandon Han Siang
2021GSK3β interacts with CRMP2 and Notch1 and controls T-cell motilityMobashar Hussain Urf Turabe Fazil; Prasannan, Praseetha; Wong, Brandon Han Siang; Kottaiswamy, Amuthavalli; Nur Syazwani Mohamed Salim; Sze, Siu Kwan; Verma, Navin Kumar
2021The steroidal lactone withaferin A impedes T-cell motility by inhibiting the kinase ZAP70 and subsequent kinome signalingMobashar Hussain Urf Turabe Fazil; Chirumamilla, Chandra Sekhar; Perez-Novo, Claudina; Wong, Brandon Han Siang; Kumar, Sunil; Sze, Siu Kwan; Berghe, Wim Vanden; Verma, Navin Kumar