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2017AhpC of the mycobacterial antioxidant defense system and its interaction with its reducing partner Thioredoxin-CWong, Chui Fann; Shin, Joon; Manimekalai, Malathy Sony Subramanian; Saw, Wuan Geok; Yin, Zhan; Bhushan, Shashi; Kumar, Arvind; Ragunathan, Priya; Grüber, Gerhard
2022Atomic solution structure of Mycobacterium abscessus F-ATP synthase subunit ε and identification of Ep1MabF1 as a targeted inhibitorShin, Joon; Harikishore, Amaravadhi; Wong, Chui Fann; Ragunathan, Priya; Dick, Thomas; Grüber, Gerhard
2018Mechanistic, enzymatic and structural insights into M. tuberculosis alkyl-hydroperoxide reductase subunit C, a key enzyme of the mycobacterial antioxidant defense system as well as its interaction with its reducing partner, Thioredoxin CWong, Chui Fann
2022Structural elements involved in ATP hydrolysis inhibition and ATP synthesis of tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacterial F-ATP synthase decipher new targets for inhibitorsWong, Chui Fann; Saw, Wuan Geok; Basak, Sandip; Sano, Mio; Ueno, Hiroshi; Kerk, Hwee Wen; Litty, Dennis; Ragunathan, Priya; Dick, Thomas; Müller, Volker; Noji, Hiroyuki; Grüber, Gerhard
2022Structure and regulation of the mycobacterial F1-ATPaseWong, Chui Fann