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2003Animation and interactive system for virtual aquatic animals in an undersea worldGoh, Albert Lian Lai; Golam, Ashraf; Balajee Ramakrishnananda; Wong, Kok Cheong
2000Computer animation based on mass-spring modelsGoh, Albert Lian Lai.
2001Computer animation of legged creaturesLow, Boon Hean.
2002Intelligent animation programme: dynamic simulation of complex movements of four-legged animal based on machine intelligent and adaptive control theoryWong, Kok Cheong; Low, Boon Hean; Balajee Ramakrishnananda; Golam, Ashraf; Zhang, Zheng; Lim, Swee Kim
2002Intelligent animation programme: theoretical and computation frameworks for computer animation of real and imaginary flying creaturesBalajee Ramakrishnananda; Wong, Kok Cheong
2004Interactive facial animation systemWong, Kok Cheong.; Guo, Zheng.; Loo, Siew Wan.; Low, Boon Hean.
1996Recognition of two-dimensional objects using geometric constraints based on a modified genetic algorithmLim, Swee Kim.
2001Software engineering, intelligent systems and visual technologyGoh, Wooi Boon; Hong, Mun Li; Goh, Angela; Wong, Kok Cheong; Hui, Siu Cheung; Hsu, Wen Jing; Vun, Nicholas; Thambipillai Srikanthan; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Li, Ling
2002State-based motion transitions using framespace interpolationGolam, Ashraf.
1995Two dimensional object recognition using generalized Hough Transform and genetic algorithmSim, Hak Chuah.