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2000Concerns-based adoption model (CBAM) development profile of teachers in the IT masterplan implementationTsu, Gary Chin Sun.
2002Exploring the use of student-created multimedia projects as a tool to learningYeo, Yvette Soh Guat.
 2018Fatty acid metabolism driven mitochondrial bioenergetics promotes advanced developmental phenotypes in human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytesRamachandra, Chrishan J. A.; Mehta, Ashish; Wong, Philip; Ja, K. P. Myu Mai; Fritsche-Danielson, Regina; Bhat, Ratan V.; Hausenloy, Derek J.; Kovalik, Jean-Paul; Shim, Winston
2012Hemodynamic contribution of stem cell scaffolding in acute injured myocardiumQian, Ling; Shim, Winston; Gu, Yacui; Shirhan, Mohamed; Lim, Kee Pah; Tan, Lay Poh; Lim, Chong Hee; Sin, Yoong Kong; Wong, Philip
2003Improving conversational fluency through the use of communication strategiesLau, Meng Ping.
2002Investigating the factors affecting students' motivation to do online homeworkHui, Keen Lon.
2017Mechanical behavior of polymer-based vs. metallic-based bioresorbable stentsAng, Hui Ying; Huang, Ying Ying; Lim, Soo Teik; Wong, Philip; Joner, Michael; Foin, Nicolas
2001Proposing an instructional system design model for a railway track trainingLow, Khai Chong.
2018Radiopaque fully degradable nanocomposites for coronary stentsVenkatraman, Subbu Subramanian; Ang, Hui Ying; Toong, Daniel; Chow, Wei Shoon; Seisilya, Welly; Wu, Wei; Wong, Philip; Foin, Nicolas; Huang, Yingying
2001Web site design & its implications in learningLim, Florence Yen Ling.