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2021The classification of 1D `perovskites'Wong, Walter P. D.; Hanna, John V.; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
2020Large polaron self-trapped states in three-dimensional metal-halide perovskitesWong, Walter P. D.; Yin, Jun; Chaudary, Bhumika; Chin, Xin Yu; Cortecchia, Daniele; Lo, Shu-Zee A.; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Mohammed, Omar F.; Lanzani, Guglielmo; Soci, Cesare
 2019The photophysics of polythiophene nanoparticles for biological applicationsBargigia, Ilaria; Zucchetti, Elena; Kandada, Ajay Ram Srimath; Moreira, Miguel; Bossio, Caterina; Wong, Walter P. D.; Miranda, Paulo Barbeitas; Decuzzi, Paolo; Soci, Cesare; D'Andrea, Cosimo; Lanzani, Guglielmo