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2009An analytical method to study the effects of a substrate in surface-enhanced Raman scatteringHuang, Shao Ying; Wu, Bae-Ian; Zhang, Baile; Lee, Yee Hui; Liberman, Vladimir; Rothschild, Mordechai
2010Cylindrical cloaking at oblique incidence with optimized finite multilayer parametersZhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian
2009Electromagnetic detection of a perfect invisibility cloakZhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian
2007Electromagnetic wave interactions with a metamaterial cloakChen, Hongsheng; Wu, Bae-Ian; Zhang, Baile; Kong, Jin Au
2008Extraordinary surface voltage effect in the invisibility cloak with an active device insideZhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng; Wu, Bae-Ian; Kong, Jin Au
2009High directive antenna with virtual apertureZhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian; Chen, Hongsheng
2009Importance of the singular constitutive parameters of cylindrical cloaks : illustration on the anticloak conceptBlanchard, Cédric; Zhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian; Portí, Jorge Andrés; Chen, Hongsheng; Morente, Juan Antonio; Salinas, Alfonso
2010Lateral shift makes a ground-plane cloak detectableZhang, Baile; Chan, Tucker; Wu, Bae-Ian
2008Limitations of high-order transformation and incident angle on simplified invisibility cloaksZhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng; Wu, Bae-Ian
2009Lorentz force and radiation pressure on a spherical cloakChen, Hongsheng; Zhang, Baile; Luo, Yu; Kemp, Brandon A.; Zhang, Jingjing; Ran, Lixin; Wu, Bae-Ian
2009Optical delay of a signal through a dispersive invisibility cloakZhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian; Chen, Hongsheng
2010Optical force on a cylindrical cloak under arbitrary wave illuminationChen, Hongsheng; Zhang, Baile; Kemp, Brandon A.; Wu, Bae-Ian
2008Rainbow and blueshift effect of a dispersive spherical invisibility cloak impinged on by a nonmonochromatic plane waveZhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian; Chen, Hongsheng; Kong, Jin Au
2007Response of a cylindrical invisibility cloak to electromagnetic wavesZhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng; Wu, Bae-Ian; Luo, Yu; Ran, Lixin; Kong, Jin Au
2009Response of dispersive cylindrical cloaks to a nonmonochromatic plane waveBlanchard, Cédric; Wu, Bae-Ian; Portí, Jorge Andrés; Chen, Hongsheng; Zhang, Baile; Morente, Juan Antonio; Salinas, Alfonso
2009Route to low-scattering cylindrical cloaks with finite permittivity and permeabilityXi, Sheng; Chen, Hongsheng; Zhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian; Kong, Jin Au
2009Spherical cloaking using nonlinear transformations for improved segmentation into concentric isotropic coatingsJohnson, Steven G.; Joannopoulos, John D.; Qiu, Cheng Wei; Hu, Li; Zhang, Baile; Wu, Bae-Ian