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 2019Blind image quality assessment with hierarchy : degradation from local structure to deep semanticsWu, Jinjian; Zeng, Jichen; Dong, Weisheng; Shi, Guangming; Lin, Weisi
 2017No reference quality assessment for screen content images with both local and global feature representationFang, Yuming; Yan, Jiebin; Li, Leida; Wu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi
2017No-Reference Quality Assessment of Deblurred Images Based on Natural Scene StatisticsLi, Leida; Yan, Ya; Lu, Zhaolin; Wu, Jinjian; Gu, Ke; Wang, Shiqi
2014Orientation selectivity based structure for texture classificationWu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi; Shi, Guangming; Zhang, Yazhong; Lu, Liu
2017Performance Evaluation of Visual Tracking Algorithms on Video Sequences With Quality DegradationFang, Yuming; Yuan, Yuan; Li, Leida; Wu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi; Li, Zhiqiang
 2019Survey of visual just noticeable difference estimationWu, Jinjian; Shi, Guangming; Lin, Weisi
2015Visual pattern degradation based image quality assessmentWu, Jinjian; Li, Leida; Shi, Guangming; Lin, Weisi; Wan, Wenfei