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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012An adaptive CUSUM chart with single sample size for monitoring process mean and varianceOu, Yanjing; Wu, Zhang; Lee, Ka Man; Wu, Kan
 2017Analysis and approximation for the performance of a workstation with various types of setupsWu, Kan; Zhao, Ning; Shen, Yichi
2010Approximating the performance of a batch service queue using the M/M^k/1 modelWu, Kan; Zwart, Bert; McGinnis, Leon F.
2012Cavity-length optimization for high energy pulse generation in a long cavity passively mode-locked all-fiber ring laserShum, Perry Ping; Wu, Kan; Wong, Jia Haur; Aditya, Sheel; Li, Nanxi; Xue, Jin; Ouyang, Chunmei
2011Characterization of the excess noise conversion from optical relative intensity noise in the photodetection of mode-locked lasers for microwave signal synthesisWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Aditya, Sheel; Ouyang, Chunmei; Wong, Jia Haur; Lam, Huy Quoc; Lee, Kenneth Eng Kian
2012Characterization of the RIN-to-phase-noise conversion in the mode-locked fiber lasersWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Ouyang, Chunmei
2013Classification of queueing models for a workstation with interruptions : a reviewWu, Kan
 2018Clinical trial supply chain design based on the Pareto-optimal trade-off between time and costZhao, Hui; Wu, Kan; Huang, Edward
2013Compact passively mode-locked fiber laser at 1.55 μm with low timing jitter of 8 fsWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping
2014Computing matrix inversion with optical networksZheludev, Nikolay I.; Wu, Kan; Soci, Cesare; Shum, Perry Ping
2008The determination and indetermination of service times in manufacturing systemsWu, Kan; Hui, Keung
2019Development of smart semiconductor manufacturing : operations research and data science perspectivesKhakifirooz, Marzieh; Fathi, Mahdi; Wu, Kan
2005An examination of variability and its basic properties for a factoryWu, Kan
2011Frequency response of the noise conversion from relative intensity noise to phase noise in the photodetection of an optical pulse trainWu, Kan; Ouyang, Chunmei; Wong, Jia Haur; Aditya, Sheel; Shum, Perry Ping
 2012High-energy dissipative soliton with MHz repetition rate from an all-fiber passively mode-locked laserJiang, Kai; Ouyang, Chunmei; Shum, Perry Ping; Wu, Kan; Wong, Jia Haur
2023Identifying the promising production planning and scheduling method for manufacturing in Industry 4.0: a literature reviewChen, Chen; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Wu, Kan
2014Low-timing-jitter mode-locked fiber laser based on graphene oxide pva thin film as saturable absorberWu, Kan; Li, Xiaohui; Wang, Yonggang; Wang, Qijie; Shum, Perry Ping; Chen, Jianping
2013Mean queue time approximation of tandem queues with finite bufferTan, Phyllinda Shu Ning.
 2019A multi-objective production planning problem with the consideration of time and cost in clinical trialsZhao, Hui; Huang, Edward; Dou, Runliang; Wu, Kan
2012Noise conversion from pump to the passively mode-locked fiber lasers at 1.5 μmWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Aditya, Sheel; Ouyang, Chunmei; Wong, Jia Haur; Lam, Huy Quoc; Lee, Kenneth Eng Kian