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2013Dynamics of a two-level system under the simultaneous influence of a spin bath and a boson bathWu, Ning; Zhao, Yang
2013Dynamics of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model : a time-dependent variational studyWu, Ning; Duan, Liwei; Li, Xin; Zhao, Yang
2013Optimization of exciton currents in photosynthetic systemsGuan, Chengbo; Wu, Ning; Zhao, Yang
2012Resonant energy transfer assisted by off-diagonal couplingWu, Ning; Sun, Kewei; Chang, Zhe; Zhao, Yang
2012Theoretical examination of long-range energy propagation in nano-engineered light-harvesting antenna arraysYang, Guangcan; Wu, Ning; Chen, Tuo; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang