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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20221,3,5-triphenylbenzene based porous conjugated polymers for highly efficient photoreduction of low-concentration CO₂ in the gas-phase systemDai, Chunhui; Zhong, Lixiang; Wu, Wei; Zeng, Chao; Deng, Yue; Li, Shuzhou
 2018An analytical model for two-order asperity degradation of rock joints under constant normal stiffness conditionsLi, Yingchun; Wu, Wei; Li, Bo
 2020Analytical modeling of the shear behavior of rock joints with two-order asperity dilation and degradationL,i Y.; Wu, Wei; Wei, X.
2022Application of machine learning in predicting the rate-dependent compressive strength of rocksWei, Mingdong; Meng, Wenzhao; Dai, Feng; Wu, Wei
 2022Control of dynamic failure of brittle rock using expansive mortarWang, Lu; Wei, Mingdong; Wu, Wei
 2018Discrete element modelling of stress-induced instability of directional drilling boreholes in anisotropic rockDuan, Kang; Wu, Wei; Kwok, Chung Yee
 2021Effect of fluid pressure gradient on the factor of safety in rock stability analysisWei, Mingdong; Dai, Feng; Ji, Yinlin; Wu, Wei
 2020Effect of fluid pressure heterogeneity on injection-induced fracture activationJi, Yinlin; Wanniarachchi, Wanniarachchillage Ayal Maneth; Wu, Wei
2011An EScheduler-based data dependence analysis and task scheduling for parallel circuit simulationChen, Xiaoming; Yu, Hao; Yang, Huazhong; Wu, Wei; Wang, Yu
2012An executive MPA program for China : lessons from the fieldYu, Wenxuan; Rubin, Marilyn; Wu, Wei
 2022Experimental evidence for multiple controls on fault stability and rupture dynamicsMei, Cheng; Barbot, Sylvain; Jia, Yunzhong; Wu, Wei
2012Exploiting parallelism by data dependency elimination : a case study of circuit simulation algorithmsWu, Wei; Gong, Fang; Krishnan, Rahul; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
 2012Fair energy resource allocation by minority game algorithm for smart buildingsZhang, Chun; Wu, Wei; Huang, Hantao; Yu, Hao
 2021Fluid overpressurization of rock fractures: experimental investigation and analytical modelingJi, Yinlin; Fang, Zhou; Wu, Wei
2021Fracture asperity evolution during the transition from stick slip to stable slidingMei, Cheng; Wu, Wei
2017Government Transparency and Perceived Social Equity: Assessing the Moderating Effect of Citizen Trust in ChinaWu, Wei; Ma, Liang; Yu, Wenxuan
 2020Injection-driven fracture instability in granite : mechanism and implicationsJi, Yinlin; Wu, Wei
 2020Injection-induced slip heterogeneity on faults in shale reservoirsJia, Yunzhong; Wu, Wei; Kong, Xiang-Zhao
 2022Instability of an intersecting fault-dyke system during deep rock excavationHuang, Xiao; Xu, Nuwen; Wu, Wei; Xiao, Peiwei; Dong, Linlu; Li, Biao
 2022Laboratory evidence for slip evolution of granite fractures due to chemical stimulation in geothermal reservoirsWu, Wei; Calò, Marco; Fang, Zhou