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 2018Coherent structures over riblets in turbulent boundary layer studied by combining time-resolved particle image velocimetry (TRPIV), proper orthogonal decomposition (POD), and finite-time Lyapunov exponent (FTLE)Li, Shan; Jiang, Nan; Yang, Shaoqiong; Huang, Yongxiang; Wu, Yanhua
2015Drag Reduction of a Turbulent Boundary Layer over an Oscillating Wall and Its Variation with Reynolds NumberSkote, Martin; Mishra, Maneesh; Wu, Yanhua
2017An Experimental Study of the Rotational Effects on Separated Turbulent Flow During Stall DelayWu, Yanhua; Lee, Hsiao Mun; Tang, Hui; Skote, Martin; Shan, Yong
2019Local dynamic perturbation effects on amplitude modulation in turbulent boundary layer flow based on triple decompositionTang, Zhanqi; Jiang, Nan; Zheng, Xiaobo; Wu, Yanhua
 2018On a submerged wave energy converter with snap-through power take-offWang, Lixian; Tang, Hui; Wu, Yanhua
2019Parametric design method and performance analysis of double S-shaped nozzlesShan, Yong; Zhou, Xiaoming; Tan, Xiaoming; Zhang, Jingzhou; Wu, Yanhua
2019POD-based data mining of turbulent flows in front of and on top of smooth and roughness-resolved forward-facing stepsYang, Shaoqiong; Wu, Yanhua; Song, Yang; Wang, Yanhui; Yang, Ming
2017Proper-orthogonal-decomposition study of turbulent near wake of S805 airfoil in deep stallWu, Yanhua; Tang, Zhanqi; Yang, Shaoqiong; Skote, Martin; Tang, Hui; Zhang, Ge; Shan, Yong
2014A study of energetic large-scale structures in turbulent boundary layerWu, Yanhua
2018A vision-based navigation system for perching aircraftWu, Yanhua; Venkateswara Rao, D. M. K. K.