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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Coarse-grained simulation of mechanical properties of single microtubules with micrometer lengthZha, Jinyin; Zhang, Yuwei; Xia, Kelin; Gräter, Frauke; Xia, Fei
2015Communication: Capturing protein multiscale thermal fluctuationsOpron, Kristopher; Xia, Kelin; Wei, Guo-Wei
 2019A complex multiscale virtual particle model based elastic network model (CMVP-ENM) for the normal mode analysis of biomolecular complexesAnand, D. Vijay; Meng, Zhenyu; Xia, Kelin
2014Fast and anisotropic flexibility-rigidity index for protein flexibility and fluctuation analysisOpron, Kristopher; Xia, Kelin; Wei, Guo-Wei
 2019General recognition of U‑G, U‑A, and C‑G pairs by double-stranded RNA-binding PNAs incorporated with an artificial nucleobaseOng, Alan Ann Lerk; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Patil, Kiran M.; Meng, Zhenyu; Yuan, Zhen; Krishna, Manchugondanahalli S.; Devi, Gitali; Haruehanroengra, Phensinee; Lu, Yunpeng; Xia, Kelin; Okamura, Katsutomo; Sheng, Jia; Chen, Gang
2016Generalized flexibility-rigidity indexNguyen, Duc Duy; Xia, Kelin; Wei, Guo-Wei
2019Ligand binding induces agonistic-like conformational adaptations in helix 12 of progesterone receptor ligand binding domainZheng, Liangzhen; Xia, Kelin; Mu, Yuguang
2014Molecular nonlinear dynamics and protein thermal uncertainty quantificationXia, Kelin; Wei, Guo-Wei
2015Multiresolution persistent homology for excessively large biomolecular datasetsXia, Kelin; Zhao, Zhixiong; Wei, Guo-Wei
2015Multiscale Gaussian network model (mGNM) and multiscale anisotropic network model (mANM)Xia, Kelin; Opron, Kristopher; Wei, Guo-Wei
2013Multiscale multiphysics and multidomain models—Flexibility and rigidityXia, Kelin; Opron, Kristopher; Wei, Guo-Wei
 2018Multiscale persistent functions for biomolecular structure characterizationXia, Kelin; Li, Zhiming; Mu, Lin
 2017Multiscale virtual particle based elastic network model (MVP-ENM) for normal mode analysis of large-sized biomoleculesXia, Kelin
 2019A new method for the construction of coarse-grained models of large biomolecules from low-resolution cryo-electron microscopy dataZhang, Yuwei; Xia, Kelin; Cao, Zexing; Gräter, Frauke; Xia, Fei
 2018Persistent homology analysis of ion aggregations and hydrogen-bonding networksXia, Kelin
2021Persistent spectral-based machine learning (PerSpect ML) for protein-ligand binding affinity predictionMeng, Zhenyu; Xia, Kelin
 2019Sequence- and structure-specific probing of RNAs by short nucleobase-modified dsRNA-binding PNAs incorporating a fluorescent light-up uracil analogKrishna, Manchugondanahalli Shivakumar; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Meng, Zhenyu; Ong, Alan Ann Lerk; Wang, Zhenzhang; Lu, Yunpeng; Xia, Kelin; Prabakaran, Mookkan; Chen, Gang
2018Sequence-based multiscale modeling for high-throughput chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) data analysisXia, Kelin
2013Stochastic model for protein flexibility analysisXia, Kelin; Wei, Guo-Wei
2015A topological approach for protein classificationCang, Zixuan; Mu, Lin; Wu, Kedi; Opron, Kristopher; Xia, Kelin; Wei, Guo-Wei