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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Affect on effectiveness of Singtel TV ads.Koh, Chat Mein.; Lim, Ee Hwe.; Ng, Puay Tiang.
2001Banking industry in Singapore : potential country-of-origin effects upon deregulationLee, Alex Tiong Wee; Law, Shirley; Gan, Gem Yea Shiuan
2003Banyan Tree (A)Xia, Yang; Gleave, Tom
2003Banyan Tree (B)Xia, Yang; Gleave, Tom
2019Bifunctional fluorescent/Raman nanoprobe for the early detection of amyloidXia, Yang; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Sarangapani, Sreelatha; Gulyás, Balázs; Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke
2001Business-to-consumer electronic commerce : an exploratory study on the key variables that will add value to the customer and profit to the company.Neow, Ah Hiok.; Tern, Hui Leng.; Toh, Kar Hoon.
2002Case study on One.99 shop.Chan, Kwai Seng.; Koh, Wan Ling.; Tay, Peggy.
2001Comparison of spousal influence on family purchase decision-making between the United States and Singapore.Ng, Kuan Hwa.; Tan, Wendy Wan Li.; Teo, Chai Ying.
2000Consumer attitudes and behaviour towards online shopping : exploratory studyKwan, Yen Ling; Lai, Susan Sok Feng
2001Consumer preferences and its implications on the effectiveness of commercial web sites.Goh, Sock Boon.; Tham, Su Mei.; Lim, Lee Hwa.
2001Country of Origin (coo & perceived product quality) : role of brand name and globalization as moderators.Lim, Lay Koon.; Ng, Hwee Kheng.; Teo, Puay Yee.
 2020Current sensor fault diagnosis and faulttolerant control for single-phase PWM rectifier based on a hybrid model-based and datadriven methodXia, Yang; Xu, Yan; Gou, Bin
2003Customer satisfaction : a case study of NTUC Fairprice supermarket.Chin, Yue Fong.; Choo, Winston Tun Tng.; Ho, Fang I.
2002Customers' perspectives of online privacy policies : a country study in Singapore.Chan, Chee Leng.; Lee, Jan Wei Lyn.; Lim, Huay Ren.
2019Data-driven fault diagnosis in the converter systemXia, Yang
 2019A data-driven method for IGBT open-circuit fault diagnosis based on hybrid ensemble learning and sliding-window classificationXia, Yang; Xu, Yan; Gou, Bin
2001Does country of origin matter to Singaporean consumers in evaluating food products?Chen, Kheng Fatt.; Han, Seck Teng.; Lim, Chee Boon.
2003Empirical analysis on the paradoxes of loyalty programs in the Singapore hotel industry.Guo, Meixi.; Lim, Gladys Gu Yan.; Tan, Siew Teng.
2014Enhancing network access for highly mobile nodesXia, Yang
2003Environmental friendly products.Ng, Valerie Siok Teng.; Teo, Qiuyan.