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 2021Assessing fluid flow in rough rock fractures based on machine learning and electrical circuit modelXiao, Fei; Shang, Junlong; Wanniarachchi, Ayal; Zhao, Zhiye
2016A CMOS power amplifier in nanometer technology for portable applicationsXiao, Fei
 2011Coating graphene paper with 2D-assembly of electrocatalytic nanoparticles : a modular approach toward high-performance flexible electrodesXiao, Fei; Song, Jibin; Gao, Hongcai; Zan, Xiaoli; Xu, Rong; Duan, Hongwei
 2019DDA based grouting prediction and linkage between fracture aperture distribution and grouting characteristicsXiao, Fei; Shang, Junlong; Zhao, Zhiye
 2022Electrochemical microfluidic multiplexed bioanalysis by a highly active bottlebrush-like nanocarbon microelectrodeXu, Yun; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Yan; Duan, Hongwei; Xiao, Fei
 2012Flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors based on free-standing carbon nanotube/graphene and Mn3O4 nanoparticle/graphene paper electrodesGao, Hongcai; Xiao, Fei; Ching, Chi Bun; Duan, Hongwei
 2020Grouting knowledge discovery based on data miningLiu, Qian; Xiao, Fei; Zhao, Zhiye
2019Grouting prediction based on analytical and numerical approachesXiao, Fei
 2012Growth of copper nanocubes on graphene paper as free-standing electrodes for direct hydrazine fuel cellsGao, Hongcai; Wang, Yuxi; Xiao, Fei; Ching, Chi Bun; Duan, Hongwei
 2012Growth of metal-metal oxide nanostructures on freestanding graphene paper for flexible biosensorsXu, Rong; Duan, Hongwei; Xiao, Fei; Li, Yuanqing; Zan, Xiaoli; Liao, Kin
 2012High-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on graphene hydrogel and nanostructured MnO2Gao, Hongcai; Xiao, Fei; Ching, Chi Bun; Duan, Hongwei
 2020Influence of fracture deformation on grout penetrability in fractured rock massesXiao, Fei; Zhao, Zhiye
2014A low-offset low-quiescent nanometer CMOS power amplifier for portable applicationsXiao, Fei
 2022Performance enhancement of horizontal extension and thermal energy storage to an abandoned exploitation well and satellite LNG station integrated ORC systemXiao, Fei; Yang, Lizhong; He, Lei; Gil, Antoni; Rajoo, Srithar; Zhao, Zhiye; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Cabeza, Luisa F.