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2020Analysis of biofilm-resistance factors in Singapore drinking water distribution systemLi, Yuanzhe; Wang, Yilin; Xiao, Peng; Narasimalu, Srikanth; Dong, Zhili
2014Dual-Phase Spinel MnCo2O4 and Spinel MnCo2O4/Nanocarbon Hybrids for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction and EvolutionGe, Xiaoming; Liu, Yayuan; Goh, F. W. Thomas; Hor, T. S. Andy; Zong, Yun; Xiao, Peng; Zhang, Zheng; Lim, Suo Hon; Li, Bing; Wang, Xin; Liu, Zhaolin
2015Efficient and durable oxygen reduction and evolution of a hydrothermally synthesized La(Co 0.55 Mn 0.45 ) 0.99 O 3−δ nanorod/graphene hybrid in alkaline mediaGe, Xiaoming; Goh, F. W. Thomas; Li, Bing; Hor, T. S. Andy; Zhang, Jie; Xiao, Peng; Wang, Xin; Zong, Yun; Liu, Zhaolin
2018Emergence of nanoplatelet light-emitting diodesXiao, Peng; Huang, Junhua; Yan, Dong; Luo, Dongxiang; Yuan, Jian; Liu, Baiquan; Liang, Dong
2018Emergence of white organic light-emitting diodes based on thermally activated delayed fluorescenceXiao, Peng; Dong, Ting; Xie, Jianing; Luo, Dongxiang; Yuan, Jian; Liu, Baiquan
 2014Facile synthesis of 3 D platinum dendrites with a clean surface as highly stable electrocatalystsWu, Tian; Zhou, Hui Ming; Xia, Bao Yu; Xiao, Peng; Yan, Ya; Xie, Ming Shi; Wang, Xin
 2012H2 and CH4 oxidation on Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 infiltrated SrMoO3-yttria-stabilized zirconia anode for solid oxide fuel cellsXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Zhang, Lan; Lee, Jong-Min; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin
2020Mechanisms and control measures of mature biofilm resistance to antimicrobial agents in the clinical contextLi, Yuanzhe; Xiao, Peng; Wang, Yilin; Hao, Yu
2014Molybdenum phosphide as an efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reactionXiao, Peng; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Thia, Larissa; Ge, Xiaoming; Lim, Rern Jern; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Lim, Kok Hwa; Wang, Xin
2015Moybdenum based materials synthesis and energy applicationsXiao, Peng
 2015Novel molybdenum carbide-tungsten carbide composite nanowires and their electrochemical activation for efficient and stable hydrogen evolutionXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Wang, Haibo; Liu, Zhaolin; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
2021Practical reviews of exhaust systems operation in semiconductor industryLi, Yuanzhe; Zhu, Yalin; Hao, Yu; Xiao, Peng; Dong, Zhili; Li, Xiang
2022Psychosocial impacts of mobile game on K12 students and trend exploration for future educational mobile gamesLi, Yuanzhe; Xu, Zezheng; Hao, Yu; Xiao, Peng; Liu, Jingyan
2018Recent advances of exciplex-based white organic light-emitting diodesXiao, Peng; Huang, Junhua; Yu, Yicong; Yuan, Jian; Luo, Dongxiang; Liu, Baiquan; Liang, Dong
2019Recent developments in tandem white organic light-emitting diodesXiao, Peng; Huang, Junhua; Yu, Yicong; Liu, Baiquan
2015A Review of Phosphide-Based Materials for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen EvolutionXiao, Peng; Chen, Wei; Wang, Xin
2018Room-temperature fabricated thin-film transistors based on compounds with lanthanum and main family element boronXiao, Peng; Huang, Junhua; Dong, Ting; Xie, Jianing; Yuan, Jian; Luo, Dongxiang; Liu, Baiquan
2013Sr1−xCaxMoO3–Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 as the anode in solid oxide fuel cells : effects of Mo precipitationXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin
2017Strategies to Achieve High-Performance White Organic Light-Emitting DiodesZhang, Lirong; Li, Xiang-Long; Luo, Dongxiang; Xiao, Peng; Xiao, Wenping; Song, Yuhong; Ang, Qinshu; Liu, Baiquan