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20023-dimensional crack-inhomogeneity interaction : study of effect on stress intensity factor at crack tip due to presence of inclusionsNandakumar B. Nair
1998Characterization of diamond-like carbon coatingsSun, Jie.
2004Crack induced martensitic transformation and its related interaction problemsLuo, Jun.
2001Dislocation theory and its application in fracture analysisChen, Bingjin.
1999Electro-elastic stress analysis on piezoelectric inhomogeneity-crack interactionBai, Jing
2004Fabrication and thermal stress analysis for PZT thin-layered structuresZhang, Yun.
2017Fatigue crack growth investigation on offshore pipelines with three-dimensional interacting cracksZhang, Yanmei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Luo, Jun
2000Finite element analysis on overall mechanical properties of molding compounds in electronic packagingLeong, Sook Har.
2004Interfacial Zener-Stroh crack problems in multi-layered structuresZhao, Junfeng.
2001Investigation on crack initiation near notchesZhang, Hang
2001Microindentation studies in coupled materials systemsXiao, Zhongmin
2016Nonlinear elastic-plastic stress investigations on two interacting 3-D cracks in offshore pipelines subjected to different loadingsZhang, Yanmei; Fan, Mu; Xiao, Zhongmin
1997Numerical aspects of differential quadrature method for thick plate modelingHan, Jiang Bo.
1999On the micromechanics of defects in solidsXiao, Zhongmin
2003Research and development of advanced engineering mechanics technology for design and manufacturing of plastic encapsulated integrated circuitsXiao, Zhongmin
2001Research and development of compliant micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)Xiao, Zhongmin
 2018Snap-through instability analysis of dielectric elastomers with consideration of chain entanglementsZhu, Jiakun; Luo, Jun; Xiao, Zhongmin