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2021Aberration mitigation in high-resolution optical coherence tomography implementing elliptical beam designLi, Jinhan; Xie, Jun; Liu, Linbo
 2020Automatic differentiation of nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelia and columnar epithelia through feature structure extraction using OCTXie, Jun; Chen, Si; Wang, Nanshuo; Wang, Lulu; Bo, En; Liu, Linbo
2019Automatic evaluation of stratum basale and dermal papillae using ultrahigh resolution optical coherence tomographyXie, Jun; Hao, Tian; Li, Chengxin; Wang, Xianghong; Yu, Xiaojun; Liu, Linbo
2019Cellular resolution corneal imaging with extended imaging rangeWang, Lulu; Xiong, Qiaozhou; Ge, Xin; Bo, En; Xie, Jun; Liu, Xinyu; Yu, Xiaojun; Wang, Xianghong; Wang, Nanshuo; Chen, Si; Wu, Xuan; Liu, Linbo
2019Cellular-resolution optical coherence tomography : low-cost, compact hand-held probe development and image analysisXie, Jun
2020Interferometer-in-spectrometer for high-resolution optical coherence tomographyLiu, Lishuang; Xie, Jun; Liu, Linbo; Chen, Si
 2012A Ka-band rectangular waveguide to microstrip transition using SIR coupling slot with LTCC technologyZhang, Xiao; Zhang, Runqi; Zhan, Mingzhou; Xie, Jun; Xu, Ruimin
2018Pixel-reassigned spectral-domain optical coherence tomographyBo, En; Wang, Lulu; Xie, Jun; Ge, Xin; Liu, Linbo
2017Polarization management to mitigate misalignment-induced fringe fading in fiber-based optical coherence tomographyWang, Nanshuo; Liu, Xinyu; Xiong, Qiaozhou; Xie, Jun; Chen, Shi; Liu, Linbo
2007Rate-distortion analysis and control in DCT-based scalable video codingXie, Jun