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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Accurate signal recovery in quantized compressed sensingYang, Zai; Xie, Lihua; Zhang, Cishen
2000Active control of noise in a tubeZheng, Hong.
2003Active noise control for air handling unitBayu Jayawardhana.
2003Active noise control for air handling unitLow, Cher Wee.
1999Adaptive active noise controlYang, Xiao Hua
1998Advanced digital control design for industrial processesXie, Lihua; Soh, Yeng Chai; Wen, Changyun
 2012Analysis of actuator in-phase property in terms of control performance and integrated plant/controller design using a novel model matching methodDu, Chunling; Gao, Tingting; Xie, Lihua
2000Applied modelling, filtering and controlSoh, Yeng Chai; Xie, Lihua; Yan, Wei Yong
 2012Average consensus with arbitrarily coarse logarithmic quantizersLiu, Shuai; Xie, Lihua
 2012A blind deconvolution approach to ultrasound imagingYu, Chengpu; Zhang, Cishen; Xie, Lihua
 2012Blind identification of multi-channel ARMA models based on second-order statisticsYu, Chengpu; Zhang, Cishen; Xie, Lihua
 2012Blind identification of multi-rate sampled plantsYu, Chengpu; Zhang, Cishen; Xie, Lihua
2018Building occupancy estimation and detection : a reviewChen, Zhenghua; Jiang, Chaoyang; Xie, Lihua
2001Channel equalization in wireless communicationDu, Fei.
2014Collective behavior of mobile agents with state-dependent interactionsGuan, Xinping; Zhu, Shanying; Xie, Lihua; Chen, Cailian
2012A comparison study on TDOA based localization algorithms for sensor networksQu, Xiaomei; Xie, Lihua
1998Computer control of scaled helicopter systemZaw, Naing Oo
2014Consensus of discrete-time multi-agent systems with adversaries and time delaysHe, Xiongxiong; Wu, Yiming; Liu, Shuai; Xie, Lihua
2010Consensusability of discrete-time multi-agent systems via relative output feedbackYou, Keyou; Xie, Lihua
2006Control and estimation of piecewise affine systemsXu, Jun.