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2018Anti-fouling graphene-based membranes for effective water desalinationSeo, Dong Han; Pineda, Shafique; Woo, Yun Chul; Xie, Ming; Murdock, Adrian T.; Ang, Elisa Y. M.; Jiao, Yalong; Park, Myoung Jun; Lim, Sung Il; Lawn, Malcolm; Borghi, Fabricio Frizera; Han, Zhao Jun; Gray, Stephen; Millar, Graeme; Du, Aijun; Shon, Ho Kyong; Ng, Teng Yong; Ostrikov, Kostya
2001Autonomous parking of smart car under vision guidanceXu, Jin.
2000Close range photogrammetry and its application in shipbuilding and repairingYong, Kang Huang.
2001Design and development of an electronic driver system and human vehicle interface modules for an intelligent vehicleLee, Kin Kok.
1999Design and implementation of modular robotic arm with active linksAng, Wei Tech
1999Development of a head-eye coordinated robotic systemFong, Chee Kong.
2001Integrated vision functions for the guidance of smart vehicleWong, Swee Meng.
2004Mechatronics design and real time control of a mobile robot with passive involute shape auxiliary devicesZhou, Yuan
2002Navigation and control of a fleet of computer-aided mobile systemsWang, Dan Wei; Soh, Yeng Chai; Xie, Ming; Pasquier, Michel B.
2001Optimal control charts for detecting process mean shiftsLiu, Qingchuan.
2002Recognition of human hand gestures and its application to human-robot interactionYin, Xiaoming.
2004Virtual reality and its applications in roboticsWang, Han; Jarvis, Ray; Chong, Man Nang; Xie, Ming; Chua, Chin Seng
1999Visual navigationWang, Han; Sung, Eric; Xie, Ming