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2021A consequent-pole magnetic-geared machine with axially embedded permanent magnets for hybrid electric vehicleXie, Shuangchun; Chen, Hao; Zuo, Yuefei; Shen, Fawen; Han, Boon Siew; Hoang, Chi Cuong; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Evaluation of a contra-rotating flux-modulated machine featured with dual flux-modulation for wind power generationChen, Hao; El-Refaie, Ayman M.; Zuo, Yuefei; Cai, Shun; Xie, Shuangchun; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Linear active disturbance rejection controllers for PMSM speed regulation system considering the speed filterZuo, Yuefei; Mei, Jie; Jiang, chaoqiang; Yuan, Xin; Xie, Shuangchun; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2021Novel flux-switching machine with star-array permanent-magnet arrangementShen, Fawen; Mei, Jie; Chen, Hao; Zuo, Yuefei; Xie, Shuangchun; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin