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2016Design and Preliminary Testing of a Soft Exosuit for Assisting Elbow Movements and Hand GraspingXiloyannis, Michele; Cappello, Leonardo; Khanh Dinh, Binh; Antuvan, Chris Wilson; Masia, Lorenzo
2019Design and validation of a modular one-to-many actuator for a soft wearable exosuitXiloyannis, Michele; Annese, Eugenio; Canesi, Marco; Kodiyan, Anil; Bicchi, Antonio; Micera, Silvestro; Ajoudani, Arash; Masia, Lorenzo
10-Jun-2019Development and validation of a soft robotic exosuit for assistance of the upper limbsXiloyannis, Michele
2016Modelling and Design of a Synergy-based Actuator for a Tendon-driven Soft Robotic GloveXiloyannis, Michele; Cappello, Leonardo; Khanh, Dinh Binh; Yen, Shih-Cheng; Masia, Lorenzo
2019Physiological and kinematic effects of a soft exosuit on arm movementsXiloyannis, Michele; Chiaradia, Domenico; Frisoli, Antonio; Masia, Lorenzo