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 2013A compact, CW mid-infrared intra-cavity Nd:Lu0.5Y0.5VO4∖KTA-OPO at 3.5 μmDuan, Y. M.; Zhu, H. Y.; Feng, Z. R.; Xu, C. W.; Zhang, J.; Wang, H. Y.; Tang, Dingyuan
 2012Diode pumped highly efficient Yb:Lu3Al5O12 ceramic laserZhang, J.; Yang, H.; Xu, C. W.; Luo, D. W.; Tan, W. D.; Qin, Xianpeng; Tang, Dingyuan
 2012Diode-pumped femtosecond passively mode-locked Yb:LPS laserXu, J.; Zhang, J.; Tan, W. W.; Li, D. Z.; Su, B. L.; Xu, C. W.; Xu, X. D.; Zheng, L. H.; Tang, Dingyuan
2012Periodic dark pulse emission induced by delayed feedback in a quantum well semiconductor laserLi, L.; Xu, C. W.; Knize, R. J.; Tang, Dingyuan; Shen, De Yuan