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2007Algorithms for synthesis and optimization of multiplierless FIR filtersXu, Fei
2003Analysis and formulation of retailer logistic operationsNg, Marcus Yeng Seng; Pang, Yan; Xu, Fei; Yohan, Fendy
2008Contention resolution : a new approach to versatile subexpressions sharing in multiple constant multiplicationsXu, Fei; Chang, Chip Hong; Jong, Ching Chuen
2005Contention resolution algorithm for common subexpression elimination in digital filter designXu, Fei; Chang, Chip Hong; Jong, Ching Chuen
2007Design of low-complexity FIR filters based on signed-powers-of-two coefficients with reusable common subexpressionsXu, Fei; Chang, Chip Hong; Jong, Ching Chuen
2005Development strategy of an electrical group in GuangdongWang, Lixin; Yang, Xinhong; Zhang, Xiaojun
2021Recent progress in microfiber-optic sensorsLuo, Wei; Chen, Ye; Xu, Fei