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2017Application of high temperature phase change materials for improved efficiency in waste-to-energy plantsDal Magro, Fabio; Xu, Haoxin; Nardin, Gioacchino; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2019Charging performance evaluation of finned conical thermal storage system encapsulated with nano-enhanced phase change materialSingh, Rupinder Pal; Xu, Haoxin; Kaushik, Shubhash Chandra; Rakshit, Dibakar; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2019Comparison of sintering condition and radio frequency plasma discharge on the conversion of coal/biomass fly ash into high-temperature thermal energy storage materialLin, Yvonne Wenlin; Li, Tao; Akasyah, Luqman; Lim, Mark Jian Wei; Xu, Haoxin; Py, Xavier; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2018Compatibility study between aluminium alloys and alternative recycled ceramics for Thermal Energy Storage applicationsXu, Haoxin; Sadiki, Najim; Mancaux, Jean-Marie; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Dal Magro, Fabio; Py, Xavier
 2019Effective utilization of natural convection via novel fin design & influence of enhanced viscosity due to carbon nano-particles in a solar cooling thermal storage systemSingh, Rupinder Pal; Xu, Haoxin; Kaushik, S. C.; Rakshit, Dibakar; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2017Selection of phase change material for thermal energy storage in solar air conditioning systemsXu, Haoxin; Sze, Jia Yin; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Py, Xavier
2021Shell-and-tube latent heat thermal energy storage design methodology with material selection, storage performance evaluation, and cost minimizationYang, Lizhong; Xu, Haoxin; Cola, Fabrizio; Akhmetov, Bakytzhan; Gil, Antoni; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2019Towards higher industrial efficiency in future waste-to-energy plants with high temperature latent heat storage-based thermal buffering technologyXu, Haoxin