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1998Characteristics of InGaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorsXu, S. J.; Chua, S. J.; Mei, T.; Wang, X. C.; Zhang, X. H.; Karunasiri, G.; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Wang, S.; Xie, X. G.
2012Effects of internal strain and external pressure on electronic structures and optical transitions of self-assembled InxGa1−xAs/GaAs quantum dots : an experimental and theoretical studyWen, Yuan; Yang, Mou; Shen, Zexiang; Xu, S. J.; Qin, L.
1998Effects of rapid thermal annealing on structure and luminescence of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dotsXu, S. J.; Wang, X. C.; Chua, S. J.; Wang, C. H.; Fan, Weijun; Jiang, J.; Xie, X. G.
 2006Green luminescence band in ZnO :  fine structures, electron−phonon coupling and temperature effectShi, S. L.; Li, G. Q.; Xu, S. J.; Zhao, Yang; Chen, Guan Hua
1998Polarization dependence of intraband absorption in self-organized quantum dotsChua, S. J.; Xu, S. J.; Zhang, X. H.; Wang, X. C.; Mei, T.; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Xie, X. G.
2006Quantum dissipation and broadening mechanisms due to electron-phonon interactions in self-formed InGaN quantum dotsXu, S. J.; Li, G. Q.; Wang, Y. J.; Zhao, Yang; Chen, Guan Hua; Zhao, D. G.; Zhu, J. J.; Yang, H.; Yu, D. P.; Wang, J. N.
1999Widely tunable intersubband energy spacing of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots due to interface intermixingWang, X. C.; Xu, S. J.; Chua, S. J.; Zhang, Zi-Hui; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Xie, X. G.
2000X-ray diffraction and optical characterization of interdiffusion in self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum-dot superlatticesXu, S. J.; Wang, H.; Li, Q.; Xie, M. H.; Wang, X. C.; Fan, Weijun; Feng, S. L.