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 2012Hole-mediated ferromagnetic enhancement and stability in Cu-doped ZnOS alloy thin filmsLi, Y. F.; Pan, H. L.; Yao, B.; Xu, Y.; Li, J. C.; Zhang, L. G.; Zhao, H. F.; Shen, D. Z.; Wu, T.; Deng, Rui
2012Inexact management modeling for urban water supply systemsXu, Y.; Huang, G. H.; Xu, T. Y.
2013Investigation of the tail dihedral effects on the aerodynamic characteristics for the low speed aircraftZhang, G. Q.; Yu, S. C. M.; Chien, A.; Xu, Y.
2006Magnetic properties of Sb-doped FePt nanoparticlesYan, Q. Y.; Kim, T.; Purkayastha, A.; Xu, Y.; Shima, M.; Gambino, R. J.; Ramanath, G.
2015Surface instability of a semi-infinite isotropic laminated plate under surface van der Waals forcesWang, X.; Xu, Y.; Zhou, Kun
2018Suspended silicon waveguides for long-wave infrared wavelengthsSánchez-Postigo, A.; Nedeljkovic, M.; Ortega-Moñux, A.; Wangüemert-Pérez, J. G.; Xu, Y.; Halir, R.; Qu, Z.; Khokhar, A. Z.; Osman, A.; Cao, W.; Littlejohns, Callum G.; Cheben, P.; Molina-Fernández, I.; Mashanovich, G. Z.; Penadés, J. Soler
2013Unsteady aerodynamic investigation of the propeller-wing interaction for a rocket launched unmanned air vehicleZhang, G. Q.; Yu, S. C. M.; Chien, A.; Xu, Y.