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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Active power control of wind turbine generators via coordinated rotor speed and pitch angle regulationTang, Xuesong; Yin, Minghui; Shen, Chun; Xu, Yan; Dong, Zhao Yang; Zou, Yun
 2018Aerodynamic optimization for variable-speed wind turbines based on wind energy capture efficiencyYin, Minghui; Yang, Zhiqiang; Xu, Yan; Liu, Jiankun; Zhou, Lianjun; Zou, Yun
 2018Aggregated energy storage for power system frequency control : a finite-time consensus approachWang, Yu; Xu, Yan; Tang, Yi; Liao, Kai; Syed, Mazheruddin H.; Guillo-Sansano, Efren; Burt, Graeme M.
2016AGV scheduling and routing for automated container terminalsXu, Yan
2019An alterable weight minimum spanning tree method for electrical collector system planning in tidal current generation farmsRen, Zhouyang; Li, Hui; Liu, Yang; Xu, Yan; Jin, Liming; Li, Wenyuan; Wang, Wenyu
2019Analysis of responsibilization within primary frequency controlM. H. Syed; Guillo-Sansano, E.; Burt, G. M.; Wang, Yu; Xu, Yan
2019Cause, classification of voltage sag, and voltage sag emulators and applications : a comprehensive overviewHan, Yang; Feng, Yu; Yang, Ping; Xu, Lin; Xu, Yan; Blaabjerg, Frede
2017Comparative study in determining features extraction for islanding detection using data mining techniqueAziah Khamis; Xu, Yan; Azah Mohamed
2020Constraint optimisation method for the heat transfer in a wavy microchannelXu, Yan
2020Coordinated chance-constrained optimization of multi-energy microgrid system for balancing operation efficiency and quality-of-serviceFang, Sidun; Zhao, Tianyang; Xu, Yan; Lu, Tianguang
 2018Data-driven load frequency control for stochastic power systems : a deep reinforcement learning method with continuous action searchYan, Ziming; Xu, Yan
 2019Decentralised-distributed hybrid voltage regulation of power distribution networks based on power invertersWang, Yu; Xu, Yan; Tang, Yi; Syed, Mazheruddin Hussain; Guillo-Sansano, Efren; Burt, Graeme M.
 2018Generalized power decoupling control for single-phase differential inverters with nonlinear loadsYao, Wenli; Xu, Yan; Tang, Yi; Loh, Poh Chiang; Zhang, Xiaobin; Blaabjerg, Frede
2017HCl, KCl and KOH solvation resolved solute-solvent interactions and solution surface stressZhang, Xi; Xu, Yan; Zhou, Yong; Gong, Yinyan; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Chang Qing
 2018A hierarchical self-adaptive data-analytics method for real-time power system short-term voltage stability assessmentZhang, Yuchen; Xu, Yan; Dong, Zhao Yang; Zhang, Rui
2019A hierarchical self-adaptive method for post-disturbance transient stability assessment of power systems using an integrated CNN-based ensemble classifierZhang, Ruoyu; Wu, Junyong; Xu, Yan; Li, Baoqin; Shao, Meiyang
2017Hybrid fast damping control strategy for doubly fed induction generators against power system inter-area oscillationsXu, Yan; Liao, Kai; Wang, Yao; He, Zhengyou; Marzooghi, Hesamoddin
2018Hybrid method for power system transient stability prediction based on two-stage computing resourcesTang, Yi; Li, Feng; Wang, Qi; Xu, Yan
2020A Hybrid Prediction Model for Damage Warning ofA hybrid prediction model for damage warning of power transmission line under typhoon disaster Power Transmission Line Under Typhoon DisasterHou, Hui; Yu, Shiwen; Wang, Hao; Xu, Yan; Xiao, Xiang; Huang, Yong; Wu, Xixiu
2018An intelligent time-adaptive data-driven method for sensor fault diagnosis in induction motor drive systemGou, Bin; Xu, Yan; Xia, Yang; Wilson, Gary; Liu, Shuyong