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2013A 5-Bit 1.25GS/S 4.7mW delay-based pipelined ADC in 65nm CMOSMesgarani, A.; Tekin, A.; Ay, S. U.; Fu, Haipeng; Yan, Mei; Yu, Hao
2014A 64×64 1200fps CMOS ion-image sensor with suppressed fixed-pattern-noise for accurate high-throughput DNA sequencingWang, Fei; Yu, Hao; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Guo, Jing; Huang, Xiwei; Yan, Mei
2012A 96×96 1V ultra-low power CMOS image sensor for biomedical applicationWang, Tongxi; Huang, Xiwei; Yan, Mei; Yu, Hao; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Cevik, Ismail; Ay, Suat
2014A contact-imaging based microfluidic cytometer with machine-learning for single-frame super-resolution processingHuang, Xiwei; Guo, Jinhong; Wang, Xiaolong; Yan, Mei; Kang, Yuejun; Yu, Hao
 2012Disposable electrochemical immunosensor for simultaneous assay of a panel of breast cancer tumor markersGe, Shenguang; Yu, Feng; Ge, Lei; Yan, Mei; Yu, Jinghua; Chen, Dairong
 2011Electrochemical biosensor based on graphene oxide–Au nanoclusters composites for l-cysteine analysisGe, Shenguang; Yan, Mei; Lu, Juanjuan; Zhang, Meng; Yu, Feng; Yu, Jinghua; Song, Xianrang; Yu, Shilin
2014A robust recognition error recovery for micro-flow cytometer by machine-learning enhanced single-frame super-resolution processingHuang, Xiwei; Wang, Xiaolong; Yan, Mei; Yu, Hao
2012A super-resolution CMOS image sensor for bio-microfluidic imagingWang, Tongxi; Huang, Xiwei; Jia, Qixiang; Yan, Mei; Yu, Hao; Yeo, Kiat Seng
2015An ultra-low power CMOS image sensor with on-chip energy harvesting and power management capabilityCevik, Ismail; Huang, Xiwei; Yu, Hao; Yan, Mei; Ay, Suat U.