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 2020Biological conversion of sulfamethoxazole in an autotrophic denitrification systemZhang, Liang; Sun, Faqian; Wu, Dan; Yan, Wangwang; Zhou, Yan
 2021Challenges of THP-AD centrate treatment using partial nitritation-anammox (PN/A) - inhibition, biomass washout, low alkalinity, recalcitrant and moreCao, Shenbin; Yan, Wangwang; Yu, Lei; Zhang, Liang; Lay, Winson; Zhou, Yan
2018Conductive materials stimulated direct interspecies electron transfer and application in anaerobic digestionYan, Wangwang
 2020Direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) can be suppressed under ammonia-stressed condition - reevaluate the role of conductive materialsYan, Wangwang; Mukherjee, Manisha; Zhou, Yan
2018Enhanced anaerobic phenol degradation by conductive materials via EPS and microbial community alterationYan, Wangwang; Sun, Faqian; Liu, Jianbo; Zhou, Yan
 2021In-situ alkaline enhanced two-stage anaerobic digestion system for waste cooking oil and sewage sludge co-digestionYan, Wangwang; Vadivelu, Vel; Maspolim, Yogananda; Zhou, Yan
 2021Interaction of perfluorooctanoic acid with extracellular polymeric substances - role of proteinYan, Wangwang; Qian, Tingting; Zhang, Liang; Wang, Li; Zhou, Yan
2019The interactive effects of ammonia and carbon nanotube on anaerobic digestionYan, Wangwang; Lu, Dan; Liu, Jianbo; Zhou, Yan
2020Micro-level evaluation of organic compounds transformation in anaerobic digestion under feast and famine conditions assisted by iron-based materials - revealing the true mechanism of AD enhancementYan, Wangwang; Qian, Tingting; Soh, Annie Yan Ni; Zhou, Yan