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 2012Correlation between the band gap, elastic modulus, Raman shift and melting point of CdS, ZnS, and CdSe semiconductors and their size dependencyZhou, Zhaofeng; Sun, Changqing; Yang, C.; Li, J. W.; Yang, X. X.; Qin, W.; Jiang, R.; Guo, N. G.; Wang, Y.
2014Design of variable-speed dish-stirling solar-thermal power plant for maximum energy harnessLi, Y.; Choi, S. S.; Yang, C.; Wei, F.
2015Multi-point laser coherent detection system and its application on vibration measurementFu, Y.; Yang, C.; Xu, Y. J.; Liu, H.; Yan, K.; Guo, M.
2017Numerical investigation on the relationship between human thermal comfort and thermal balance under radiant cooling systemGao, S.; Wang, Y.A.; Zhang, S.M.; Zhao, M.; Meng, X.Z.; Zhang, L.Y.; Yang, C.; Jin, L.W.
2014Trapping of submicron and micron-sized particles using innovative induced-charge electrokinetic flowZhao, C.; Yang, C.