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2014Advanced technology to predict equipment health conditionYang, Chule
2016Analysis of traffic flow data for iterative tuning strategy in urban traffic signal controlYang, Chule
2020Collaborative semantic understanding and mapping framework for autonomous systemsYue, Yufeng; Zhao, Chunyang; Wu, Zhenyu; Yang, Chule; Wang, Yuanzhe; Wang, Danwei
 2020Day and night collaborative dynamic mapping in unstructured environment based on multimodal sensorsYue, Yufeng; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wu, Zhenyu; Zhang, Haoyuan; Wang, Danwei
 2020A hierarchical framework for collaborative probabilistic semantic mappingYue, Yufeng; Zhao, Chunyang; Li, Ruilin; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Yuanzhe; Wang, Danwei
2018Hierarchical probabilistic fusion framework for matching and merging of 3-D occupancy mapsYue, Yufeng; Senarathne, P. G. C. Namal; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei
2018Knowledge-based multimodal information fusion for role recognition and situation assessment by using mobile robotYang, Chule; Wang, Danwei; Zeng, Yijie; Yue, Yufeng; Siritanawan, Prarinya
2019Multi-level probabilistic uniqueness reasoning of autonomous robots based on spatial-semantic fusionYang, Chule
2020A multilevel fusion system for multirobot 3-D mapping using heterogeneous sensorsYue, Yuefeng; Yang, Chule; Wang, Yuanzhe; Senarathne, P. G. C. N.; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei
2019Probabilistic 3D semantic map fusion based on Bayesian ruleYue, Yufeng; Li, Ruilin; Zhao, Chunyang; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Peng, Guohao; Wu, Zhenyu; Wang, Danwei
2019Probabilistic reasoning for unique role recognition based on the fusion of semantic-interaction and spatio-temporal featuresYang, Chule; Yue, Yufeng; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei
 2019SLAT-Calib : extrinsic calibration between a sparse 3D LiDAR and a limited-FOV low-resolution thermal cameraZhang, Jun; Zhang, Ran; Yue, Yufeng; Yang, Chule; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei