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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012AC-dielectrophoretic characterization and separation of submicron and micron particles using sidewall AgPDMS electrodesLewpiriyawong, Nuttawut; Yang, Chun
 2012Advances in electrokinetics and their applications in micro/nano fluidicsZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
2009Analysis of capillary filling in nanochannels with electroviscous effectsPhan, Vinh-Nguyen; Yang, Chun; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
2015Bubble translation at low-frequency actuation in a resonator-shaped microfluidic chamberShang, Xiaopeng; Huang, Xiaoyang; Yang, Chun
 2010Capillary filling in closed end nanochannelsPhan, Vinh-Nguyen; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Yang, Chun; Joseph, Pierre; Djeghlaf, Lyes; Bourrier, David; Gue, Anne-Marie
2011Capillary filling in nanochannels : modeling, fabrication and experimentsPhan, Vinh-Nguyen; Joseph, Pierre; Djeghlaf, Lyes; Allouch, Alaa el dine; Bourrier, David; Abgrall, Patrick; Gue, Anne-Marie; Yang, Chun; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
 2013Collective effects on thermophoresis of colloids : a microfluidic study within the framework of DLVO theoryZhao, Yugang; Zhao, Cunlu; He, Jinhua; Zhou, Yi; Yang, Chun
2017Confined wetting of water on CNT web patterned surfacesZhao, Yugang; Lin, Rongzhou; Tran, Tuan; Yang, Chun
 2013Continuous separation of multiple particles by negative and positive dielectrophoresis in a modified H-filterLewpiriyawong, Nuttawut; Yang, Chun
2017Design method of radiant cooling area based on the relationship between human thermal comfort and thermal balanceGao, Song; Li, Yang; Zhao, Min; Wang, Yuang; Yang, Xiaohu; Yang, Chun; Jin, Liwen
2014Dish-Stirling Solar Power Plants: Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Receiver TemperatureLi, Yang; Choi, San Shing; Yang, Chun
2013Dynamic contact angle of water-based titanium oxide nanofluidRadiom, Milad; Yang, Chun; Chan, Weng Kong
2017Dynamic Electroosmotic Flows of Power-Law Fluids in Rectangular MicrochannelsZhao, Cunlu; Zhang, Wenyao; Yang, Chun
 2012Electro-osmotic flows in a microchannel with patterned hydrodynamic slip wallsZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2011Electrokinetically driven concentration of particles and cells by dielectrophoresis with DC-offset AC electric fieldLewpiriyawong, Nuttawut; Yang, Chun; Lam, Yee Cheong
2017Electrokinetically driven continuous-flow enrichment of colloidal particles by Joule heating induced temperature gradient focusing in a convergent-divergent microfluidic structureZhao, Cunlu; Ge, Zhengwei; Song, Yongxin; Yang, Chun
 2013Electroosmotic flows of non-Newtonian power-law fluids in a cylindrical microchannelZhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2014Enhancement of electrophoretic mobility of microparticles near a solid wall-experimental verificationLiang, Qian; Zhao, Cunlu; Yang, Chun
 2009Fabrication and experimental characterization of nanochannelsPhan, Vinh-Nguyen; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Yang, Chun
 2018Hydrodynamic effects on particle deposition in microchannel flows at elevated temperaturesYang, Chun; Yan, Zhibin; Huang, Xiaoyang