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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Alkali-treated incineration bottom ash as supplementary cementitious materialsLiu, Yiquan; Sidhu, Kevindev Singh; Chen, Zhitao; Yang, En-Hua
2015Application of Engineered Cementitious Composites to Precast Beam-Column Sub-Assemblage under Column Removal ScenariosKang, Shao-Bo; Tan, Kang Hai; Yang, En-Hua
 2018Characterization of calcium-containing phases in alkali-activated municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash binder through chemical extraction and deconvoluted Fourier transform infrared spectraZhu, Weiping; Chen, Xu; Struble, Leslie J.; Yang, En-Hua
 2018Controllable mullite bismuth ferrite micro/nanostructures with multifarious catalytic activities for switchable/hybrid catalytic degradation processesHu, Zhong-Ting; Oh, Wen-Da; Liu, Yiquan; Yang, En-Hua; Lim, Teik-Thye
2016Cool colored coating and phase change materials as complementary cooling strategies for building cooling load reduction in tropicsLei, Jiawei; Kumarasamy, Karthikeyan; Zingre, Kishor T.; Yang, Jinglei; Wan, Man Pun; Yang, En-Hua
2016Coupled effects of crack width, slag content, and conditioning alkalinity on autogenous healing of engineered cementitious compositesQiu, Jishen; Tan, Han Siang; Yang, En-Hua
 2018Effect of alkali cation type on strength endurance of fly ash geopolymers subject to high temperature exposureLahoti, Mukund; Wong, Keng Khang; Tan, Kang Hai; Yang, En-Hua
 2019Effects of geometry and fraction of polypropylene fibers on permeability of ultra-high performance concrete after heat exposureLi, Ye; Zhang, Yao; Yang, En-Hua; Tan, Kang Hai
 2018Effects of Si/Al molar ratio on strength endurance and volume stability of metakaolin geopolymers subject to elevated temperatureLahoti, Mukund; Wong, Keng Khang; Yang, En-Hua; Tan, Kang Hai
2018Fiber-reinforced reactive magnesia-based tensile strain-hardening compositesRuan, Shaoqin; Qiu, Jishen; Yang, En-Hua; Unluer, Cise
2016High ductile behavior of a polyethylene fiber-reinforced one-part geopolymer composite: A micromechanics-based investigationNematollahi, Behzad; Sanjayan, Jay; Qiu, Jishen; Yang, En-Hua
 2017Human-building interaction under various indoor temperatures through neural-signal electroencephalogram (EEG) methodsShan, Xin; Yang, En-Hua; Zhou, Jin; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
2019Humic acid-induced formation of tobermorite upon hydrothermal treatment with municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash and its application for efficient removal of Cu(II) ionsLuo, Hongwei; He, Dongqin; Zhu, Weiping; Wu, Yichao; Chen, Zhitao; Yang, En-Hua
2018Hydrothermal synthesis of needle-like nanocrystalline zeolites from metakaolin and their applications for efficient removal of organic pollutants and heavy metalsLuo, Hongwei; Law, Wei Wee; Wu, Yichao; Zhu, Weiping; Yang, En-Hua
2018Impact of indoor environmental quality on students' wellbeing and performance in educational building through life cycle costing perspectiveShan, Xin; Melina, Anastasia Nissa; Yang, En-Hua
2018Investigation of the properties of MgO recovered from reject brine obtained from desalination plantsDong, Haoliang; Yang, En-Hua; Unluer, Cise; Jin, Fei; Al-Tabbaa, Abir
2014Latex-modified engineered cementitious composites (L-ECC)Chen, Zhitao; Yang, En-Hua; Yang, Yingzi; Yao, Yan
 2018Lightweight aerated metakaolin-based geopolymer incorporating municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash as gas-forming agentZhu, Weiping; Rao, Xue Hong; Liu, Yiquan; Yang, En-Hua
2017Macroscopic and microstructural properties of engineered cementitious composites incorporating recycled concrete finesLi, Junxia; Yang, En-Hua
 2018Microencapsulated phase change materials with composite titania-polyurea (TiO2-PUA) shellZhao, Aiqin; An, Jinliang; Yang, Jinglei; Yang, En-Hua