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2014Age and productivity : a sector perspectiveGan, Geraldine Xinya; Shia, Lisong; Yang, Fan
 2018Carbon quantum dot implanted graphite carbon nitride nanotubes : excellent charge separation and enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionWang, Yang; Liu, Xueqin; Liu, Jia; Han, Bo; Hu, Xiaoqin; Yang, Fan; Xu, Zuwei; Li, Yinchang; Jia, Songru; Li, Zhen; Zhao, Yanli
 2012Covalent bonding of polyaniline on fullerene : enhanced electrical, ionic conductivities and electrochromic performancesXiong, Shanxin; Yang, Fan; Ding, Guoqiang; Mya, Khine Yi; Ma, Jan; Lu, Xuehong
 2012Covalently bonded polyaniline/fullerene hybrids with coral-like morphology for high-performance supercapacitorLu, Xuehong; Xiong, Shanxin; Yang, Fan; Jiang, Hao; Ma, Jan
2017Cpk2, a Catalytic Subunit of Cyclic AMP-PKA, Regulates Growth and Pathogenesis in Rice BlastNaqvi, Naweed Isaak; Selvaraj, Poonguzhali; Shen, Qing; Yang, Fan
2016Design of a configuration software for IBMSYang, Fan
2015Implementation of personalized well-being assessment and feedback systemYang, Fan
2009Power management of renewable energy sourcesYang, Fan
2018Reliability updating of non-linear dynamic system using vibration dataYang, Fan
2016Tangible Video Communication 1Yang, Fan
 2018Target-triggered catalytic hairpin assembly-induced core−satellite nanostructures for high-sensitive “off-to-on” SERS detection of intracellular microRNALiu, Conghui; Chen, Chao; Li, Shuzhou; Dong, Haifeng; Dai, Wenhao; Xu, Tailin; Liu, Yang; Yang, Fan; Zhang, Xueji
2013Ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopic signatures of superconducting and pseudogap phases in YBa2Cu3O7−δ filmsZhang, Chunfeng; Li, Wei; He, Bin; Wang, Ye; Yang, Fan; Wang, Xiaoyong; Xiao, Min; Chakhalian, J.; Gray, B. A.
2002Vision-based target tracking and navigation system for autonomous underwater vehiclesYang, Fan