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 2013A hybrid topological and structural optimization method to design a 3-DOF planar motion compliant mechanismLum, Guo Zhan; Teo, Tat Joo; Yang, Guilin; Yeo, Song Huat; Sitti, Metin
1999Kinematics, dynamics, calibration, and configuration optimization of modular reconfigurable robotsYang, Guilin
 2011Modeling and iron-effect analysis on magnetic field and torque output of electromagnetic spherical actuators with iron statorYan, Liang; Chen, I-Ming; Lim, Chee Kian; Yang, Guilin; Lee, Kok-Meng
 2014Optimization of Tension Distribution for Cable-Driven Manipulators Using Tension-Level IndexLim, Wen Bin; Yeo, Song Huat; Yang, Guilin
2019Uncertainty-based IMU orientation tracking algorithm for dynamic motionsYuan, Qilong; Asadi, Ehsan; Lu, Qinghua; Yang, Guilin; Chen, I-Ming