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2012Controlled electroluminescence of n-ZnMgO/p-GaN light-emitting diodesYang, H. Y.; Han, Z. J.; Ostrikov, K.; Goh, Eunice S. M.; Chen, Tupei
2010Directional and controllable edge-emitting ZnO ultraviolet random laser diodesYu, S. F.; Yang, H. Y.; Liang, H. K.
 2014An experimental study of lateral charge transfer in silicon nanocrystal layer embedded in SiO2 thin filmWong, J. I.; Chen, T. P.; Tay, Y. Y.; Liu, P.; Yang, M.; Liu, Z.; Yang, H. Y.
2009High-temperature lasing characteristics of randomly assembled SnO2 backbone nanowires coated with ZnO nanofinsYang, H. Y.; Yu, S. F.; Liang, H. K.; Mote, R. G.; Cheng, C. W.; Fan, H. J.; Sun, T.; Hng, H. H.
2005Laser action in ZnO nanoneedles selectively grown on silicon and plastic substratesLau, S. P.; Yang, H. Y.; Yu, S. F.; Li, H. D.; Tanemura, M.; Okita, T.; Hatano, H.; Hng, H. H.
2005Low-loss and directional output ZnO thin-film ridge waveguide random lasers with MgO capped layerYu, S. F.; Leong, Eunice S. P.; Yang, H. Y.; Lau, S. P.; Chen, N. S.; Yuen, Clement; Hng, Huey Hoon
 2012Size-suppressed dielectrics of Ge nanocrystals : skin-deep quantum entrapmentGoh, Eunice S. M.; Yang, H. Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tupei; Sun, Changqing
2009Ultraviolet laser action in ferromagnetic Zn1-xFexO nanoneedlesYang, H. Y.; Yu, S. F.; Lau, S. P.; Herng, T. S.; Tanemura, M.
2017W/Cu thin film infrared reflector for TiNxOy based selective solar absorber with high thermal stabilityLiu, Y. C.; Liu, Z.; Yang, H. Y.; Zhang, Jun; Chen, Tupei
2010Wide bandwidth lasing randomly assembled ZnS/ZnO biaxial nanobelt heterostructuresYan, J.; Zhang, L. D.; Yang, H. Y.; Yu, S. F.