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 2020All-in-one stretchable coaxial-fiber strain sensor integrated with high-performing supercapacitorPan, Z.; Yang, J.; Li, L.; Gao, X.; Kang, Lixing; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Qichong; Kou, Z.; Zhang, T.; Wei, Lei; Yao, Y.; Wang, J.
 2011Analytical determination of permeability of porous fibrous media with consideration of electrokinetic phenomenaYang, J.; Liao, K.; Zhu, Q. Y.; Xie, M. H.; Chen, Y. Q.
 2012Fire resistance for square tubular joints with and without chord reinforcementYang, J.; Shao, Y. B.; Cheng, C.; Lie, S. T.; Chiew, Sing Ping
 2011Influence of chitosan and porosity on heat and mass transfer in chitosan-treated porous fibrous materialZhu, Q. Y.; Xie, M. H.; Yang, J.; Chen, Y. Q.; Liao, K.
 2012Investigation on heat and mass transfer in hygroscopic random charged fiber websZhu, Q. Y.; Xie, M. H.; Yang, J.; Liao, K.