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 2014Identifying essential pairwise interactions in elastic network model using the alpha shape theoryKoehl, Patrice; Lu, Lanyuan; Xia, Fei; Tong, Dudu; Yang, Lifeng; Wang, Dayong; Hoi, Steven C. H.
2015Insight into enzymatic nitrile reduction : QM/MM study of the catalytic mechanism of QueF nitrile reductaseRibeiro, António J. M.; Yang, Lifeng; Ramos, Maria J.; Fernandes, Pedro A.; Liang, Zhao-Xun; Hirao, Hajime
2012Insights into the programmed ketoreduction of partially reducing polyketide synthases : stereo- and substrate-specificity of the ketoreductase domainSoehano, Ishin; Yang, Lifeng; Ding, Feiqing; Sun, Huihua; Low, Zhen Jie; Liu, Xuewei; Liang, Zhao-Xun
2014Nitrile reductase as a biocatalyst : opportunities and challengesYang, Lifeng; Koh, Siew Lee; Sutton, Peter W.; Liang, Zhao-Xun