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2018Distributed decisions on TV spectrum allocation considering spatial and temporal variationChen, Zhenwei; Zhang, Wenjie; Yang, Jingmin; Yang, Liwei; Yeo, Chai Kiat
2019Dynamic spectrum allocation for heterogeneous cognitive radio networks with multiple channelsZhang, Wenjie; Sun, Yingjuan; Deng, Lei; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Yang, Liwei
2017Improving the productivity of high-level synthesis by advancing reuseability and verifiabilityYang, Liwei
2018Spectrum sharing for heterogeneous networks and application systems in TV white spacesZhang, Wenjie; Zhang, Guanglin; Zheng, Yifeng; Yang, Liwei; Yeo, Chai Kiat
 2018TV white space and its applications in future wireless networks and communications : a surveyZhang, Wenjie; Yang, Jingmin; Zhang, Guanglin; Yang, Liwei; Yeo, Chai Kiat