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2014Effects of reactant rotation on the dynamics of the OH + CH4 → H2O + CH3 reaction : a six-dimensional studySong, Hongwei; Li, Jun; Jiang, Bin; Yang, Minghui; Lu, Yunpeng; Guo, Hua
2017Elucidating the origins of multimode vibrational coherences of polyatomic molecules induced by intense laser fieldsShi, Fan; Yang, Minghui; Loh, Zhi-Heng; Wei, Zhengrong; Li, Jialin; Wang, Lin; See, Soo Teck; Jhon, Mark Hyunpong; Zhang, Yingfeng
2013Full-dimensional quantum calculations of the vibrational states of H5+Song, Hongwei; Lee, Soo-Ying; Yang, Minghui; Lu, Yunpeng
2015Mode specific dynamics of the H2 + CH3 → H + CH4 reaction studied using quasi-classical trajectory and eight-dimensional quantum dynamics methodsWang, Yan; Li, Jun; Chen, Liuyang; Lu, Yunpeng; Yang, Minghui; Guo, Hua
2016Mode specificity in the OH + CHD 3 reaction: Reduced-dimensional quantum and quasi-classical studies on an ab initio based full-dimensional potential energy surfaceYang, Minghui; Guo, Hua; Song, Hongwei; Lu, Yunpeng; Li, Jun
2014Theoretical prediction of the linear isomers for rare gas-carbon disulfide complexes : He-CS2, Ne-CS2, and Ar-CS2Zang, Limin; Dai, Wei; Zheng, Limin; Duan, Chuanxi; Lu, Yunpeng; Yang, Minghui
2015Theoretical studies for the N2–N2O van der Waals complex: The potential energy surface, intermolecular vibrations, and rotational transition frequenciesZheng, Rui; Zheng, Limin; Lu, Yunpeng; Yang, Minghui
2013Theoretical studies of the CO2–N2O van der Waals complex : Ab initio potential energy surface, intermolecular vibrations, and rotational transition frequenciesYang, Minghui; Zheng, Limin; Lee, Soo-Ying; Lu, Yunpeng
2018Tracking ultrafast bond dissociation dynamics at 0.1 Å resolution by femtosecond extreme ultraviolet absorption spectroscopyWei, Zhengrong; Tian, Li; Li, Jialin; Lu, Yunpeng; Yang, Minghui; Loh, Zhi-Heng
2019Ultrafast dissociative ionization and large-amplitude vibrational wave packet dynamics of strong-field-ionized di-iodomethaneWei, Zhengrong; Li, Jialin; Zhang, Huimin; Lu, Yunpeng; Yang, Minghui; Loh, Zhi-Heng