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2018Building ethics into artificial intelligenceYu, Han; Shen, Zhiqi; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Lesser, Victor Richard; Yang, Qiang
2017A dataset of human decision-making in teamwork managementYu, Han; Shen, Zhiqi; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Chen, Yiqiang; Fauvel, Simon; Lin, Jun; Cui, Lizhen; Pan, Zhengxiang; Yang, Qiang
2020Federated learning in mobile edge networks : a comprehensive surveyLim, Bryan Wei Yang; Luong, Nguyen Cong; Hoang, Dinh Thai; Jiao, Yutao; Liang, Ying-Chang; Yang, Qiang; Niyato, Dusit; Miao, Chunyan
2020Hierarchical incentive mechanism design for federated machine learning in mobile networksLim, Bryan Wei Yang; Xiong, Zehui; Miao, Chunyan; Niyato, Dusit; Yang, Qiang; Leung, Cyril; Poor, H. Vincent
 2012A mouse-trajectory based model for predicting query-URL relevanceSong, Hengjie; Liao, Ruoxue; Zhang, Xiangliang; Yang, Qiang; Miao, Chun Yan
2016The Preparation Of Calcia-based Ceramic Slurry For Rapid Manufacturing Hollow Turbine Blade Based On StereolithographyYang, Qiang; Lu, Zhongliang; Huang, Fuxiang; Li, Dichen
 2012A secure routing model based on distance vector routing algorithmWang, Bin; Wu, ChunMing; Yang, Qiang; Lai, Pan; Lan, JuLong; Guo, YunFei
2017A unified framework of active transfer learning for cross-system recommendationZhao, Lili; Pan, Sinno Jialin; Yang, Qiang