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2017Circulating current suppression in modular multilevel converters with even-harmonic repetitive controlYang, Shunfeng; Wang, Peng; Tang, Yi; Zagrodnik, Michael; Hu, Xiaolei; Tseng, King Jet
2018Control and operation of modular multilevel convertersYang, Shunfeng
2018Decoupled power control for a modular-multilevel-converter-based hybrid AC–DC grid integrated with hybrid energy storageZhang, Lei; Tang, Yi; Yang, Shunfeng; Gao, Feng
2017Distributed control for a modular multilevel converterYang, Shunfeng; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng
 2017Feedback linearization-based current control strategy for modular multilevel convertersYang, Shunfeng; Wang, Peng; Tang, Yi
2016LiFePO4 battery state of charge estimation based on the improved Thevenin equivalent circuit model and Kalman filteringXu, Zhu; Gao, Shibin; Yang, Shunfeng
 2019Model-predictive current control of modular multilevel converters with phase-shifted pulsewidth modulationZhou, Dehong; Yang, Shunfeng; Tang, Yi
 2018Padé-based stability analysis for a modular multilevel converter considering the time delay in the digital control systemDong, Chaoyu; Yang, Shunfeng; Jia, Hongjie; Wang, Peng
2018Reliability- and cost-based redundancy design for modular multilevel converterTu, Pengfei; Yang, Shunfeng; Wang, Peng
2017Seamless fault-tolerant operation of a modular multilevel converter with switch open-circuit fault diagnosis in a distributed control architectureYang, Shunfeng; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng
2018A Voltage-Based Open-Circuit Fault Detection and Isolation Approach for Modular Multilevel Converters with Model Predictive ControlZhou, Dehong; Yang, Shunfeng; Tang, Yi